Client Testimonials

"Learning to horseback ride has been one of the most exciting and pleasurable experiences of my adult life. I started at the mid-century mark, never having ridden before turning 50 years old.  After a very frustrating beginning year, I started to ride with Kelley LaFond, attracted by her thoughtful but forceful composure as a beautiful rider herself. I had a chance to observe her teaching methods in active practice in group classes first.  For almost two years now, I have been in her training program, and it has been an incredible learning experience, body and soul. Kelley has the ability to take a stubborn, often petrified, but usually willing Type-A adult executive woman and get me safely and at times even elegantly over hunter jumps.  She has also been deft at choosing very good matches for me in leasing horses, and they have been fabulous, beautiful and winning partners to grow with goal by goal. I now can't imaging my life without horses. I so appreciate the community atmosphere of Vintage Lane with various levels and ages of riders and the beauty of the horses Kelley has chosen for her program. Kelley's personal foundation of equitation success and importantly, her business ethics are a perfect match for my needs."  M.C.   


  “Kelley LaFond helped me to sell a mare that I had owned from the day she was born.  The decision to sell was an emotional one -  made easier by Kelley’s understanding and interest in the well being of horses.  I was impressed with Kelly’s professionalism, her knowledge of horses and her ability to determine a good match keeping in mind both the abilities of the horse and skills of the rider.  During the time Kelley had my horse in her barn I had the opportunity to observe her deep commitment not only to the horses in her care but also to her clients.” A.C.


"My daughter has has made exceptional progress.  Beyond riding, she has become more socially aware and independent. Kelley has made the stables feel like her second home. When we decided to lease a horse for her, Kelley helped us through this daunting and overwhelming process and made it easy and fun!  We can only recommend Kelley. She has been an outstanding coach and a great role model."               S.L.


 "My daughter has been riding with Kelley for over 9 months now and I can definitely say that working with Kelley has improved her riding and allowed her to take her showing to the next level.   In addition, Kelley is a pleasure to work with and makes the entire equestrian world a less stressful experience.  We would definitely recommend Kelley to our friends."   A. T.


"I can't believe what incredible luck I had stumbling upon your training program.  You made me competitive on a level I never knew I could be, and had my horse going better in two months than he had been for two years...thank you for taking such amazing care of him."    C.P.


"I have been taking lessons with Kelley for about two months now and she is by far the best trainer that I have had the privilege to ride with and learn from. After taking four years off I lacked serious confidence in my riding ability, but Kelley has been able to truly listen and understand my anxiety. Even though I have only been in her riding program for a short period of time I have seen a drastic improvement in my skills and self confidence. Kelley gives clear and logical instructions which makes it easier to learn and understand. Her small program offers a very friendly atmosphere allowing people to not feel lost in the shuffle between horses, trainers, and other riders. Vintage Lane encourages learning in a non-threating environment helping to foster friendships and the love of horses. "  L.J.


"Kelley LaFond is a highly-experienced champion rider herself who also has the wonderful background of teacher.  That combination of skills gives her a wonderful way of teaching and encouraging her students to achieve their individual bests.  Joining Vintage Lane is like joining a family."  N.R.


"Amazing... how do you do it? I have the triage of go-to: horse trainer/therapist/friend/equine-expert/mad-scientist extraordinaire!! This is the stuff that creates clients that care and never leave..."   J.L.




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