Vintage Lane is celebrating its second season in the IEA, with riders from grades 6-12 participating, qualifying for Regional Finals, and having a great time all along the way!  


Please click the link below for more information about this amazing program for our middle and high-school riders, as well as their new Horsemanship Program for younger riders in grades 4 and 5.   We are now accepting member applications, and NO additional team practices required.  Please email us for more information, and scroll down for our tentative show schedule.


Regular Season Show Dates


November 4

White Rock Watsonville


November 10-11 

Triple Bar Gilroy


November 24-25

Belmont Training. Watsonville


January 12-13

Vintage Lane Co-Hosting with Belmont Training

Attendence is Mandatory for all VL IEA Riders This Weekend


Note:  Individual riders may only show in five shows (days) of competition

per regular season.  Plan ahead!


**Additional Dates Will Likely Be Added When Submitted by Other Region 2 Teams

**Dates for Regional, Zone and National Finals have not yet been published.