Vintage Lane's training and care program is the best way to make the most of your resources and time, while maximizing results.  We take special pride in the well-being of our horses both mentally and physically, and we personally handle of all the details including scheduling veterinary and farrier appointments, customizing feeding for each horse with supplementation and targeted nutrition, and managing all aspects of your horse's fitness and performance needs.   We pay special attention to the horse's soundness and body health, and assess each horse weekly.


Most of VL's riders ride their horses 3-4 days per week, which is supplemented by professional rides or related work designed to meet each horse's unique training needs on the other days. Horses are out of their stalls on average twice per day, with turnout, handwalking or hand grazing as part of their normal routine in addition to being ridden.


Questions?  Please send us a message and we can send you a detailed listing of our program services and related pricing.